Working with the proper apps and tools plays a significant part in your blogging experience. And it can be difficult to select one.

I have been blogging for many years now and have worked with a mixture of blogging tools. I will list them out in this post. You can test them out and see if it is working for you as it did for me. I will also give some alternatives for the popular apps.

The listed tools will help you in discovering new topics to write about, finding the best and easy to rank keywords for these topics, analyse top competitors and their posts, write faster and better, publishing your posts on social media at the correct time, getting more shares on social media, getting more productive, better designing of media, getting free pictures and videos to use and more.

I will be giving only an outline of these tools here and when I have time I will link it to a review guide. This is in no way a completed list of blogging tools. As I find new and better alternatives I will update the list.


Keywords Everywhere Browser Plugin(Free)

Finding how many people search for a particular word is important when you are writing on a new topic. There is no point in creating a new post if nobody wants to read it. And if you could see the numbers while you are searching then it is better.

The Keywords Everywhere is a free browser plugin (available only for Chrome and Firefox now) that will show the number of monthly searches like shown below.
List of blogging tools

Keywords everywhere browser plugin

  • Data will be shown on Google, Youtube, Bing, Etsy, Amazon and 10+ other services.
  • Shows competition and CPC rates.
  • Use bulk keyword update for results on multiple words up to 10000 keywords.
  • Their analyse page feature help in examining any page which shows details of top keywords and their information, number of words written etc.

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LongTailPro(Premium – 7 day trial)

Long tail Pro as the name suggests is a premium web application for finding long keywords which are easier to rank in organic search. I have been using it for more than a year now. It helps me to check the competition for my keywords based on a score out of 100. Also, if I give a keyword it will recommend long tail keywords related to it. The analysis will be based on the country set. You can have different projects, with a website linked to it and the default country setting.

Long tail pro review

Long tail pro app search results

Each keyword will contain information on the competition, monthly search, AdWords bid etc. After you click on a keyword, a detailed analysis for that particular keyword will be shown. It includes the top results in the google search, competition analysis on how each of the top pages ranks for that keyword, trust flow and citation flow metrics for each result, site age, number of indexed urls, internal links and more. It also shows if there are any snippets, local results, ads etc for the keyword.

A rank tracker is also included which can be used to monitor your sites ranking for different keywords. This will update daily.

Unfortunately, there is no free plan. But the money spent is worth it. Last time I checked the plans start as low as 25$/month and a discounted rate on annual plans. The lowest plan includes 1000 lookups for keywords, KC and SERP per 24 hours.

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For me, it was one of the tools I found to be indispensable after using it. It’s basically a clipboard manager. Whenever you copy something it will be stored in the cloud and synced across devices. Even the stuff you copied months ago will be there.

Paste2 app

Whenever you need to find it you can press the shortcut key to bring the tab up. You can categorize the copied texts and images under separate tabs. You can have the commonly used links, contact details etc.

It is a paid app, but there is a free trial. It is available only for Mac and iOS of now.

Try Paste 2

Canva (Free)

Canva tool

An important element of a great social media campaign is to have the right images. Especially with the marketing through Instagram and Pinterest. It should make an impact on the first try. Unlike before it is not necessary to learn photoshop or other tools or have artistic skills for making a good visual presentation.

Canva is a free tool which can help you in creating excellent images for posts. I am using it when I want to create new posts. The feature I like most is the vast number of templates. You just need to select what type of images you want. Like Pinterest graphic. FB cover, FB post, Instagram, logo and around 20 others. Based on your selection they will give out 100s of free templates. You can then customize the background picture, font size, colour, typography etc. You cna download as JPG. PNG or PDF format.

There is also a paid upgrade which gives out a number of shapes and patterns and some other offers. But I never had to use that till now.

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Tailwind (Free Trial and Premium)

Tailwind review

In essence, Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram. I am using the app myself to pin my posts on this blog. Depending on the plans you can have 100s of images scheduled, either according to your timings or auto timings. You can also analyze your Pinterest account to see what kind of posts have better engagement, your engagement rates, track repins and much more.

But the best feature to increase your audience would be the Tailwind Tribes. Each tribe will contain people who follow a particular area of fashion, affiliate marketing, passive income, travel etc. Once you join these tribes you can share your content with them. Since there are limited subscribers to tribes and they follow the same passion, you can increase your reach.

The free trial includes a 100/30(Pinterest/Instagram) image scheduling for an unlimited time. The Plus plans start as low as 9.99$/month and schedule unlimited pins.

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