If you are a travel blogger chances are that you give out reviews about a lot of the hotels. Maybe you had stayed at those hotels for a while and liked them a lot. So you recommend them to your readers. Or maybe you are someone who creates lists of all the different and the best kinds accommodations in your favourite city.

Whatever be the reason, hotel affiliate programs can help you generate more revenue in such scenarios than PPC ad based systems. The chains are willing to pay a part of the revenue they get to the website owners who are promote their content.

You might already be using some of the affiliate programs. Even in that case, you can use this list to see if there are any other programs which are better suited for you.

Note: Most of these have cash back offers if you are using sites like Swagbucks. So you can mention them also while promoting the hotels.

Some travel sites in the below list offer cashback when using websites or Swagbucks. Use this to get additional payouts by referring to there service. CHeck the below table to see which all supports them.

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The Best Hotel Affiliate and loyalty Programs

1. Hotellook.com

Hotellook Affiliate program

So why is Hotellook the first on this list? There are many factors including the relative easiness to join the program( via travel payouts), the number of ways to monetize including different APIs and search boxes, other affiliate programs included, good tracking system etc.

The first thing to note is that it is not an independent hotel chain. It is a hotel search system working together with the major services like booking, agoda, expedia etc.

You can join the Hotellook affiliate program via Travel Payouts. It is the affiliate platform for search services like Hotellook.com, Jetradar.com for flight comparison, car rental sites, bike rental sites and tour packages. So you can use the referral from the same platform for a variety of services on your website.

Also, when you are just starting out on a blog, it will be difficult to get into many of the affiliate programs. But the Travel Payouts is very easy to join. You just need to give a mail ID. You don’t even have to give a website. You can post your links on social media, forums or even sent them in the mail.

The dashboard gives you details about the number of visitors, clicks, searches, booking revenue, click through rate, cost per click and more. You can also filter or group the information using different criteria like hosts, products etc.

There are many tools like the usual search widget, banners and text links. Also additional formats like map widgets, hotels map, deals etc. are available. You also have access to their API if you want to build your own apps or search engine.

You can add multiple websites to their program after registration and approval.

  • Cookie period – 30 days.
  • Commission rate – Up to 80% of their revenue.
  • WordPress plugin – Available
  • Widgets – Search, Map, Banners, Text links etc
  • Minimum Payout – From 50 USD


2. Booking.com


If you are a traveller you should already be acquainted with this site. It is a travel aggregator site with more than 20 years experience. They book around 1,500,000 rooms from their platform every day. They already have a wide network of affiliates working with them. They provide the services using their independent platform.

Using the Booking.com affiliate program you can get a commission for each hotel booked from their site.

You will get a commission when the user actually stays at the hotel. So if the user booked the hotel for a later date, then the commission also will be late. The rate is 25% of their revenue when you start. And as the number of your referred customers in a month increase, the rate also goes up to 40%(if 501 or more bookings in a month).

You can also use affiliate IDs when you make personal reservations.

The usual widgets like banners, search box and links are there. They have a lot of seasonal offers to which you will have access beforehand via the deals finder. It is very easy to create new formats via their UI. You will have a lot of customization options like colour, size, the countries, currencies etc. You can have vertical and horizontal lists.

  • Minimum Payout – $100
  • WordPress Plugin – present
  • Commission rate – Up to 40% of their revenue
  • Widgets – Inspiring Search box, Banners, Text links etc


3. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor travel Affiliate program

This is the first website that I go to when I want to find any information on travel like hotel reviews, location reviews, top accommodation and tour packages. It might be the same with you also. But did you know that Trip Advisor have an excellent affiliate program?

They don’t have an independent platform but is working with CJ affiliate. If you are already a member you just need to apply for the Trip advisor campaign.

They pay up to 50% commission. But the thing to note is it is not based on the bookings. Suppose, a user referred by you reaches the Trip Advisor and click any ads or links that could generate them revenue, you are eligible for a fee. So if they do a hotel search and clicks on the resulting links to reach another site like booking.com you can get paid. And they do NOT need to make a sale for this to happen. As per their site, the average payment for each such clicks is 15 to 75 cents.

All the tracking and linking are provided by the CJ platform.Though the clicks are tracked in real time the earnings will be visible only on the next day. The minimum payout will be based on the CJ terms. If you are already having some programs with them, you can combine the payout.

Trip Advisor Affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – Session based
  • Minimum Payout – CJ
  • Commission rate – up to 50%
  • Widgets – Text links, banners, badges, buttons etc.


4. Agoda.com

Agoda.com hotel affiliate program

I used Agoda.com first when I was looking for bargain prices on a hotel in Malaysia. At the time it was just starting to get a hold in the hotel aggregator market. Headquartered in Singapore, it is currently a major site for booking hotels, villas other kinds of accommodations. The sites also has support for around 38 languages. So if you

Agoda.com’s in-built affiliate program has a very lucrative offer, by providing up to 7% of the sale value. Unlike other offers mentioned above, this is not a part of the the revenue generated by them, but a percentage of the actual price of booking. So a 200$ room can earn you up to 14$ for a single booking.

The starting commission rate is 4% (<50 bookings) and as the number of bookings increase you will reach different tiers like 4.5, 5,6 and finally up to 7.

The dashboard provides details including cancelled, departed and confirmed bookings made via your referral ID.

The minimum payout is 200$ which is slightly more when compared to others. And the commission is confirmed when the visitor departs from the hotel. The payment will be sent via wire transfer.

A website is mandatory for the signing up process. Even free sites like wordpress.com are eligible. You can also join the program via tradetracker with 6% commission.

Agoda.com affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 30 days
  • Minimum Payout – 200$
  • Commission rate – up to 7% of the booking value.
  • Widgets – Text links, Image links, banners, search boxes, badges, buttons etc.



5. HotelsCombined.com

HotelsCombined.com hotel affiliate program
Hotels combined is another comparison site worth mentioning. It has support for over 40 languages. So it is a good option for regional websites.

The joining process is very quick. You just give them your mail and website. And on confirming the mail id you can start with their program.

This is a cost per lead program. When your referred user clicks on a link in their site you are eligible for commission. So it is kind of like the trip advisor program. But they will track the conversion ratio of the leads to booking. So if it is good you will get a better commission and if it bad you may be declined from their program.

As per their FAQ, you can earn 50 cents to 2 dollars per lead. This will depend a visitor details like his location also.

They support PayPal and bank transfer for payment. You can withdraw your money starting from 100$.

They provide search boxes, text links and banners.

HotelsCombined.com affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period –
  • Minimum Payout – 100$
  • Commission rate – 50 cents to 2 dollars per lead.
  • Widgets – Text links, Deep Links, Image links, banners, search boxes


6. Hotels.com

It is one of the oldest hotel aggregator site, created in 1991. After a successful stint on its own, it is currently operating under the Expedia group.

Hotels.com have a rewards program which earns you a free night when you book around 10 days with them(single or multiple bookings). Also, they have a cash back with Swagbucks.

Hotels.com’s affiliate program is linked with Awin network. When you search for the program, you will see a more than a dozen results. These are all for different locations and languages. You can join all the programs or the one suited for your region or web site.

They offer a 6-8% commission on all the bookings. And you have a 30 day referral period.

Hotels.com affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 30 days
  • Minimum Payout – 20$
  • Commission rate – 6-7 % on bookings.
  • Widgets – Text links, Deep Links, banners, search boxes, deal widget.


7. HotelsClick.com

HotelsClick.com travel affiliate program
The HotelsClick.com, as the name suggests, specializes in hotel bookings including bed and breakfast to luxury hotels. Their inventory includes more than 200 thousand hotels around the world. Its availability in five languages including English, French and Spanish makes it a good choice for regional blogs. It has been only more than a decade since the service began but it is starting to get noticed.

Hotelsclick.com affiliate program is available from Awin.com with a separate program for US and UK campaigns. They start with a 7% flat commission on the sale value. If you prove to be a good promoter it can go up to 10%.

Your referral will have around 1 month to make a booking for you to be eligible to get the commission. After the customer checks out of the hotel you will have the commission.

You will get deep links to accommodation for a particular destination, links to any of their pages including promotional ones, and banners in different sizes and extensions. Search boxes are also available.

Hotelsclick.com affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 30 days
  • Minimum Payout – Awin terms
  • Commission rate – 7-10 % on hotel bookings.
  • Widgets – Text links, Deep Links, banners, search boxes, XML, white label.


8. Top Villas

Top villas vacation rental affiliate program

Top villas is a vacation rental service catering to the luxury side of travellers. They also provide high-end services like private chefs, butler service and attraction tickets.

Top villas affiliate program is controlled by Awin. And they pay up to 10% of the rental amount on each property. Since these are luxury accommodation it means you will earn more money per sale. You will also get a mail whenever they have some deals or offers, which you can promote.

You have access to deep links to each region and properties and a lot of banner ads. You can promote the site in blogs, youtube and social media.

Top villas affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 30 days
  • Minimum Payout – Awin terms
  • Commission rate – Up to 10% of rental amount.
  • Widgets – Text links, Deep Links, banners.