A good web hosting provider plays an important role in the growth of your website. Apart from the loading speed, there are many other characteristics of the security, good uptime, fast and reliable support and other features to look out for.

If you are blogging, then chances are that you use WordPress, ghost or similar software which is hosted on one of the popular hosting services. And you might have loved your first one or changed due to some problems. In many cases, you would have a provider to recommend. Whatever be the niche you are working on, you can earn with a hosting affiliate program.

Due to the extreme competition and the fact that most people do not change from their first hosting provider, companies give out a very lucrative commission for referrals. You can make more than a thousand USD for a single hosting referral.

Most of the listed programs offer a tiered commission structure. So the amount you get for each customer will be based on the number of customers you referred in a month. And some like the WP Engine will give you a bonus after you cross a certain number of customers.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the affiliate programs are free. And in most programs, if you are already using their hosting you will have a referral ID, like in Site Ground.

Also, some of the programs offers Swagbucks/ebates cashbacks for each dollar paid on the hosting plans. This is an additional info for targeting your customers. You can also earn from the the swagbucks/eBates affiliate program if your customer joins via your link.

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1. WP Engine Premium Web Hosting Affiliate Program

WP Engine Managed WordPress Web  Hosting affiliate program

In the world of Managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine is one of the biggest contenders. Managed WordPress is usually selected by people who don’t want to think about the technical aspects of the WordPress platform. They also provide better security, data backups, staging areas and a lot of other features. This all comes at a higher price though when compared to shared hosting than beginner blogger usually selects. Wp Engines plans start from 39$/month including a 2 month free for prepaid yearly plans. And they do have a 60 day trial period also.

WP Engine offers an exceptional affiliate offer. They will give you a 200USD commission at the minimum for each of your referred user that signs up for a plan. Or you may get 100% of the first-month price if that is higher. This can reach 1000s of USD for agency plans. And they have a cookie period of 6 months.

You can join the program via ShareASale where they give you banners and links and other widgets.

Also, if you make more than a given set of customers, then you are eligible for a bonus. Starting with a $100 bonus when you refer 5 customers in a month to $1500 for 60 referral in a month.

WP Engine affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 180 days
  • Commission – 200 dollars or 100% of the first month
  • Minimum Payout – According to ShareASale terms.

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2. SiteGround Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Siteground affiliate program

Siteground provides many hosting options including shared, dedicated, cloud, WordPress and more. The cheapest plans start at just 3.95$/month which makes it a likely choice for many of the bloggers at the starter level. I am using their Grow Big plan for two of my websites and it’s been a good experience.

SiteGround affiliate program offers a tiered commission rate. The minimum payment is 50USD per sale. Once you reach 6 sales it goes to $75 and then $100 on 20 sales. Above that, you will get a custom rate from them.

Even if you did only 1 sale you will still get paid. The payments are every week. But it will take a month to get the commission though.

They have banners, logs, deep links. You can even have customized banners. You will get a dedicated affiliate manage once you get signed up.

SiteGround affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 60 days
  • Commission – Tiered structure from $50 to $100 and then custom rate.
  • Minimum Payout – $50(one sale).

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3. DreamHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Dreamhost hosting affiliate program

Dreamhost is another great hosting provider with a lot of options. They even have a specialized hosting for WooCommerce which you can target. Its been a preferred hosting solution for more than two decades. They have a 97-day money back guarantee if you want to try it.

DreamHost affiliate program track your links via their own dashboard. Once you sign up, which is pretty easy and quick, you will get a mail with the commission you can get.

Depending on the hosting plan your referred customer buys you can earn up to $200. Starting from $30, you can get $100 for an annual shared hosting plan.

Their dashboard show information including the number of clicks, shares, referrals, revenue and commission. If you are sharing via social media, then it shows a separate stats for this. You can get the shares. clicks and referrals for FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

DreamHost affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 45 days
  • Commission – Starts from $30. Upto $200.
  • Minimum Payout –

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4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Web Hosting affiliate program

A2 Hosting is not a well-known solution like the rest. But, they have some good reviews and some great plans. You can host unlimited websites for as low as 4.90 USD/month. And they have an anytime money back guarantee.

Using A2 Hosting web affiliate program, you can earn up to 140$/sale. It is a tiered structure with the starting commission being USD85/sale. And based on the number of sales in a month it can be 100$, 120$ or 140(31+ sale).

They track all the affiliates at real time on their dashboard. The payments will be monthly. All the referrals will be cached for 3 months. The sale will be confirmed after 45 days.

If you make a lot of sales, then you will get your own landing page also.

For signing up you have to give a mail id and PayPal email. They will have an approval process.

They pay via PayPal(free) or bank transfer(30USD).

A2 Hosting affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 90 days
  • Commission – Tiered structure from $85 to $140.
  • Minimum Payout – $100.

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5. HostGator hosting affiliate program

Hostgator affiliate program

Hostgator is another long living and preferred hosting solution with more than 15 years experience. They have plans starting as low as 2.75$/month even with unlimited bandwidth. They have received a lot of awards for their services which show their quality and support.

After joining, you will get your customized coupon code and links. This monitoring of referrals will be done via impact radius.

A tiered commission like most of the others can be seen here also. Starting from $50 to 125$ per sale, the commission rates are competitive. The top tier is for more than 21+ sales in a month. This will earn around 2,625$.

The sale confirmation is period is 2 months(though in some countries faq I saw 90 days). You have to get at least 100$ to make the payout. You can use PayPal or wire transfer to get the money.

Hostgator affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 60 days
  • Commission – Tiered structure from $50 to $125.
  • Minimum Payout – $100.
  • Cashback – Swagbucks, eBates

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6. iPage

iPage affiliate program

IPage offers one of the cheapest web hosting options with just 1.99$. That is less than a coffee in many countries. Every plan includes free tools for marketing your website including Google Adwords bonus, Bing ads credits etc. And for those your readers not interested in tweaking the odes, there is website builder which also optimised for mobile. Most plans also include a free domain name. Their money back guarantees period is 30 days.

But the iPage affiliate program probably earns you more than what they make in a year for a basic plan. They offer multiple commissions depending on the plans.

You can earn up to $150 for dedicated accounts and $120 for WordPress hostings.

You can withdraw the commission via PayPal or check. You can also use them as credits if you are using the Ipage hosting for your website.

You can use their links or pre-made banners to promote them. You can also send them via emails. You will also get a product comparison site once you join the program displaying all there plans.

iPage affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period –
  • Commission – Tiered structure from $105 to $150.
  • Minimum Payout –
  • Cashback – Swagbucks,eBates

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7. BlueHost

Bluehost referral program

This should be the most famous hosting affiliate program on the internet now. You probably would have gone through many of SEO/blogging related website where they recommend Bluehost to start, especially for WordPress websites. Supposedly, they have paid around 5 million USD in referral commission alone.

The hosting solution itself is very good and a commonly used one. It starts it shared plan as low as 2.95USD. It has 1 click installs for most of the top CMS. Free site builders, free domain etc. which is another reason for their popularity. Their money back period is 30 days.

For each referred sales you will get 65$. The customer will be tracked for 90 days within which they have to get signed up for you to be eligible. They use their own platform for tracking and providing banners and links.

You can get paid via PayPal, check or wire transfer. The eligibility for each method will be different.
Their commission is a little bit smaller than most programs here. But there are a lot of people like Bluehost so you will have more customers.

Bluehost referral program summary:

  • Cookie period – 90 days
  • Commission – $65
  • Minimum Payout – $100
  • Cashback – eBates

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8. Kinsta

Kinsta affiliate program

Kinsta is another managed WordPress hosting service in the premium sector. Its one of the main competitor for WPEngine. They have starter plans and also woocoomerce hosting and enterprise hosting plans. The plans start as low as 30 USD/month.

Kinsta affiliate program lets you earn passive income starting from 50 USD to 500 USD depending on the plans. And they have a 2-month cookie window during which if the user buys any plan you will get a commission.

  • starter plan – 50 USD
  • Pro plan – 100 USD
  • Business Plan – 150 USD
  • Enterprise plan – 500 USD

But the most interesting part is the recurring commission. As long as your referred customer hosts with them, you will get a 10% monthly commission. And a good lot of their customers stays with them indefinitely.

You will get your payments via PayPal every month.

Kinsta affiliate program summary:

  • Cookie period – 60 days
  • Commission – $50 -$500

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9. Rose Hosting

Rose Hosting

Rose hosting has managed hosting solutions for WordPress, Odoo, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and a lot more. It has been providing web services since 2001. And is one of the hosting that accepts monthly payments. You can get a WordPress VPS hosting or as low as 5.95$/month and a discounted rate is there for annual plans.

Their affiliate program gives its partners 50% commission on the first month payment and then 10% recurring commission on subsequent payment. But, after you have made enough sales you will get a better rate.

  • After first 20 accounts – Initial commision raises to 100%
  • After 40 accounts – Initial commission is 150%.

There is a bonus payment of $50 when you make more than 10 sales in a month and $500 for 50+ sales in a month. Signing up itself will give you a $5 bonus.

You can get your payments via PayPal.

Rose Hosting summary:

  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Commission – $50 -$150
  • Recurring commission – 10%

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