You might have already come across some great refer-a-friend programs. Even if you have not, many of the products, services or subscription you regularly use will have such programs. How it differs from the usual affiliate programs is that you won’t need a blog or any other presence, but only the emails. And sometimes they just need to be your friends or followers on some social media like Facebook. You just need to enter the contact details of your friends or relatives on the company website and they would send them the details.

But the reward won’t be always in the form of cash. Sometimes it can be a voucher for an additional product on their site, or maybe you can extend the service for some more months for free etc. Take the example of Dropbox. You will get a 500 MB extra space for each friend you refer.

Also in some scenarios, when you refer someone they would also get some kind of bonus.

Of course, this won’t be a big income stream unless you have a large number of friends and colleagues who are interested in the product. But for the services or products, you love this can make some extra money on the side.

SwagBucks referral program

Swagbucks is an excellent site offering cashback for many of the major online retailers. You may find it useful yourself while booking hotels, flights, online shopping, buying hosting and a lot more.
The cash back comes as points which you can then redeem for vouchers(Even Paypal vouchers). For each friend or relatives that click through your links and joins, you will earn a 500SB(It can differ based on countries). A 200SB more would earn a $5 PayPal card. But the biggest bonus is that you would earn 10% your referrals Swagbucks earning through his lifetime.


DigitalOcean referral program

I have been a customer of the DigitalOcean service for some time. I use it to host some of my websites with Ghost blogging platform. It includes a one-click ghost and WordPress install also.

When you refer your friends they will get a $10 credit. And since the lowest plan is $5/month they can easily use it for two months for free. Its one of the quickest and cheapest way to start a website or blog in my opinion. And when they make their first $25 payment you will get a $25 bonus. You will have to sing up to get the referral link and track it which is free.


Travel Payouts

This is much more than a referral program, but you can just refer your friends also easily. You don’t need a website and can earn a good commission on hotel bookings and flight bookings. Up to 70% of their commission will be given to you. You just need to register with the basic info and refer people to hotel metasearch engine comparing prices among the common hotel search) or ( a flight search engine with more than 1000 partner airlines). And even if they book within a month you are eligible to get paid.

Travel Payouts

Amerisleep refer a friend program

Amerisleep provides a $75 when any of your friends, relatives or anyone buys after clicking on your link. This will be given as a prepaid visa reward. You can go the page and enter the email address and a custom message. Maybe you can tell which mattress you are using or how good one of their products is. If they are convinced and buys a new one you will get a payment after 7 days.

Amerisleep refer a friend program

You can refer to anyone and for each person who makes a purchase you are eligible to get $10. You can also share the program details via facebook, twitter and messenger directly on their platform with pre-written messages.


Ebates is another cashback site and is owned by the Rakuten network which is one of the biggest affiliate program networks out there. When your referred shopper joins and spends $25 you will get $25. And your friend will be eligible for a $10 bonus also. You can share the links via social media like FB/Twitter from their own platform or paste the links on any of your blogs.


Avocado Green Mattress

The program offers a $150 discount to your friend and a $50 prepaid visa card if they make the purchase. Of course, you have to wait until the 100-day trial. But 50 bucks is a good amount.

You can easily share the details via email, facebook, twitter or messenger on their site. Go to the bottom of the page to see the link.

Avocado Green Mattress


Payoneer is used for online money transfer in more than 150 local currencies. Many major companies including Google, Amazon and Upwork use it to do payments. You have to sign up to get your link. Once a transaction of a decided amount is done through the new referral accounts you will get $25. Your friend also will get that much.



DockATot is a bedding that helps the babies sleep comfortably. It looks great too. You can refer your friends who are expecting a baby or already have kids and get $5 for each referral. And they get a $10 discount too.



Vimeo is major video sharing platform which is used by artists and has a lot of high-quality films and animations. You can host your own videos with a lot of plans starting from $7 per month. You can refer your artistic friends to the platform and can get $50 as a prepaid visa credit card for each friend’s who joins.

Vimeo refer a friend program


ibotta is another great app(iOS and Android) which will give you a cashback when you shop for groceries, apparel, cosmetics, download mobile apps, travel and more on the participating platforms. Your cash back will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours. And it works in more than 300 retail chains, restaurants and more.

When you refer someone they will get a $10 welcome bonus and you will 5 dollars. You can share your referral code, which you will get once you join the program, to FB, twitter, text or email.

Get your $10 welcome bonus at ibotta here


Dropbox is one of the best file hosting tools in the cloud market. Some of you might be using it already. They have a free plan with 2 GB st storage if you want to try. It will create a folder on your computer and whatever files you put there will be automatically uploaded to their cloud and is private. You can access the files from anywhere from by logging in to their site. You can also share the link with your friends.

Their referral program helps you to increase your free storage to 16GB. For each friend signing up, you will get a 500 MB extra storage. Unfortunately they do not provide any referral money offers.

Join Dropbox now


With the number of services, you are registering day by day and the increasing attacks on those sites the need for a password manager is important. And LastPass is a great password manager. You just need to remember the master password and LastPass will do the rest. There is a free plan also.

Their refer-a-friend program offers a 1-month free premium upgrade to both you and your friend. You have to sign for the free plan first.

Join Lastpass now