PPC programs are the kind of advertisement programs in which you will be paid for each click on the published ads on your site. The best example for this would be the many Adsense ads that you see in many of your favourite blogs. You might already be using it in one of your sites probably.

Usually, the PPC ads are not available as independent programs for different companies. They will be part of an advertisement network which works with a lot of businesses. Depending on many factors like the domain of your blog, what the post is about the post, the location of the reader etc., they will decide which ads to show a particular user.

How much money you will make per click of an ad will depend on many factors. There are some fields where advertisers pay more. So if in your posts these high paying keywords are present then you may get more per click. You can even get more than 100$ per click. Another major factor is the users country. Usually, the advertisements targeted for the developed nations will be paying more.

One disadvantage of PPC programs is that many of them will be blocked by the users with Adblock services. But from personal experience, more than 90% goes through in my case. Also note that most of these networks do not support free domains like .blogspot.com.

Disclaimer: Some of the sites and links to those sites are affiliate links and will earn a commission for me when you join their program.

If you are using WordPress, then i recommend the free Advanced Ads Plugin. It will help you a lot in placement of the Ads.
In this post, I will be listing out some of the best pay per click affiliate programs out there.

  1. Google Adsense

The Adsense Pay per click program

Google Adsense is a popular PPC ad network coming from the search giant itself. Whatever be the niche you are writing in, there will be suited ads due to the numerous advertisers working with this network.

And there are a number of apps like the LongTailPro which can help you in finding the best keywords and how much is keyword worth. Or you could use the Adwords itself for this.

But it is not easy to get approved for the Adsense network these days. Especially for a beginner. If the blog as some posts and domain registered for some time then your chances will be more. And if you are rejected, you can apply using another mail id anyways.

Though it is a PPC program, you also get paid for the number of impressions. So even if the user doesn’t click on the ads, you can get paid.

Their dashboard is pretty good. You can get a lot of reports about your earnings like the details of the viewers, reports on each ad and much more.
You can also use the ads in a youtube channel.

  • Minimum Payout – 100 dollars.
  • Types of Ads – Different sized banners, Auto Ads, Text Ads, Anchor Ads, Native Ads, search Ads.


  1. Chitika

Chitika - The best PPC alternative network for Adsense

Chitika is a more beginner friendly PPC network, and they have fewer restrictions than Adsense. So it is easier to get into the first time itself. It has been giving its services for around 15 years for both publishers and advertisers.

After joining the network, showing ads is as easy. You need to select the size of the banner, copy the code and paste it into your blog. They will run some optimisation tests and you can check the results and make changes to your site if needed. Once approved you can place the codes in all your sites. It will be shown separately in your dashboard. You can use Adsense ads and Chitika ads together.

Their reporting dashboard gives you the analysis of all the views, clicks etc. on your site. But some of the advanced reports available in Adsense are missing here.

You also have the options to filter out all the ads having an particular pattern in them.

Their preferred mode of payment is via Payoneer.

  • Minimum Payout: 50 USD
  • Types of Ads – Different sized banners


  1. Propeller Ads


Propeller ad network is another easy to joing PPC program.

An interesting ad type is the native subscription type. When a user visits your site, a popup will ask them if they want to allow push notifications. And this allows the site to send notifications on mobile or desktop. So even if the user is not on your site at the moment, you can earn money. You can also change the frequency of these notifications. This can help in getting an extra revenue, especially if the majority of your readers are using mobile devices.

Like Chitika, they also prefer Payoneer payments. Wire transfer is also available if you have a minimum 0f 550 USD in your balance.

They provide a number of ad types, but not the banner type. It is on development as of now.

  • Minimum Payout – 25 USD
  • Type of Ads – Native Subscriptions, Popunder, Direct ads, Dialog ad.


  1. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is another pay per click program with a lot of ad options. And it is simpler to get approved.

During sign up, you will have to give your category also. And this is one of the significant attributes which decides what ads should be shown on your website.

One drawback is that the revenue is not updated real time. But the only once in a day.

They have CPM and CPA ads in addition to the CPS ads. And depending on the different formats, you will earn differently.

This PPC program pays via Payza, Paypal, Check(100$) and Wire transfer(500$)

  • Minimum Payout – 10 USD
  1. Media.net – Recommended for websites with US viewers.

Supported by Yahoo and Bing, media.net is a popular network used by many of the big companies. The

But it might be difficult to get your site approved if the majority of your subscribers are from outside the US. Most of the Ads are targeted towards the US subscribers.

From personal experience, I don’t think the volume matters much since one of my sites got approved for the program with less than 2k readers per month. And only 30% was from the US.

After joining you will be assigned a personal technician for solving any of the doubts you might be having. And they will be in regular touch.

It is easier to create new ads in all the popular sizes. There are some level of customisation available for banner ads to make it more suited to your website theme. You can also allow backup ads.

You can get your payment via Payoneer, PayPal or Wire transfer.

  • Minimum Payout: 100 USD
  • Type of Ads: Banner Ads


  1. Infolinks


With more than hundred thousand websites monetizing with them, Infolinks is one of the best PPC programs out there. It offers its platform for both Publisher and advertisers.

After signing up you will get reviewed and approved within 48 hours. I got the approval mail on the same day though. There are no limitations with regard to the number of page views or visitors for your website. Though they won’t allow sites having illegal content. It has support for English and Spanish.

Infolinks has some additional ad formats compared to others.

  • InText – This will convert some keywords on your blog to links. You can control the maximum number of links, up to 12 per page.
  • InFold – The banner ads comes on either side or bottom.
  • InFrame – These are ads that show up on the margin or as the background.
  • InTag – Links will be shown as tags. Can be placed on top or bottom automatically or manually place at your preferred location.
  • InArticle – Ads anywhere in your article.

Both your views and clicks can earn money with a revenue share of 65%.

You can get paid via Paypal, Payoneer, eCheck or bankwire.

  • Minimum Payout – 50USD
  • Type of Ads – InText, Infold, InFrame, InTag and InArticle.