Email marketing still holds a prominent position in every digital marketer’s toolkit and has a better ROI on social media marketing. An effective email marketing campaign engages the customers, be it a new subscriber or a long time loyal one. You might have seen this yourself. How many times have you clicked on a link or read something in an email compared to the infinite number of posts on your Facebook?

Most of your readers will check their mail at least once a day even during the work hours. So the chances of your mail being missed are very low. But the engagement ratio in social media is very low compared to this. And depending on your area of blogging some of your potential customers may not even be on the social media platforms.

But of course getting emails from readers is not that easy. A good CTA campaign is essential to convince readers to submit their email ids. And make sure you don’t spam them with frequent emails.

Also, it is not efficient or easy to do all things manually. You might have to respond whenever a new customer joins a list, categorise your subscribers, create eye-catching emails, sent promotional offers, follow up on the emails etc.

Email marketing softwares can efficiently automate a lot of these tasks.

Here are some of the ways in which a good email marketing tool can help you with.

  • Templates – creating a visually impacting email can be difficult especially if you do not have the time or artistic skills. Most of the tools will give you a lot of templates which you can customize.
  • Drag and drop editor – Earlier you had to know CSS/HTML to make changes. But now almost all the software comes with a drag and drop tool. You can just use the modules for images, videos, sections, social media icons etc and put it where you need to. And it would be mobile responsive also.
  • Sign Up Forms – You can create pop up boxes to capture emails and grow your subscriber list.
  • Autoresponders – Starting from sending a welcome email to new subscribers to sending follow up emails this is a great feature. You can set different replies based on the links they have clicked or the emails they have seen.
  • Mails from posts – You can automate to sent an email whenever a new post is published on your blog.
  • Subscriber list- All the contact details of subscribers can be stored and categorized according to different criterias like the links they clicked on, where they are from etc. Even if you have already collected many emails you can easily import them.
  • Analysis – Now the key to improvement of any campaign is a detailed analysis. These tools can help you in that with providing detailed reports on which campaigns are working and which are not as you wish.

Some of you may be still hesitant to buy such a service, probably due to the price. And the best way to know if it is good is to just try out. All of these provide either a free trial or a free plan. The free plans usually come with a restricted set of features and can manage only a smaller number of users(still in 1000s).

Let us go through some of the best in the industry and their features.


Best Email Marketing Tools in 2018


Aweber Email marketing software

Aweber is already used by 100,000+ entrepreneurs for marketing. And it had enough time to find out the rights and wrongs of the trade with an experience of 2 decades.

They have a 30 day trial period for their software. After that, the minimum plans start from $19/month. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. But unlike most other providers, they don’t restrict features in their plans based on price. That means even the cheapest plan comes with all the features. They differ only in the number of subscribers you can manage.


  • Unlimited emails can be sent starting from the lowest plan.
  • Drag and drop editor to easily create and customize templates.
  • 700+ templates which are also mobile responsive.
  • Autoresponders which can be set easily.
  • 6000+ stock photos.
  • Automated email campaigns based on tags.
  • Email when a new post is published
  • Integrate with blogging platforms like WordPress and payment gateways like PayPal.
  • Sign up forms to capture new leads.
  • Mobile apps to manage everything from your devices.
  • Subscriber management and categorising according to campaigns.
  • Analysis and reports.
  • Webinars to learn related information
  • More features on their page.

The signing up process is easy. Enter the basic information plus credit card details. But you can cancel at any time including the trial period. Choose the monthly plan if you need to try out the trial period.

After you log in the first thing they will ask you is to create a list. This will contain all the information of the company like address, name and website, the name of the list and a confirmation message which should be sent to new subscribers on that list. When a new reader joins he will be sent this confirmation email. You can customize it or use the default one. If you already have a lot of emails you can import a list here itself.

You can also create a sign-up form easily.

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Constant Contact

Constant campaign email marketing software

The name aptly describes what the tool is for: to have constant contact with your readers to let them know what is happening. Founded in 1995, the company is one of the competing email marketing tools in the market and has successfully acquired other tools to monitor social media and also CRM startups.

You can try the tool for 2 months(60 days) for free to see if it is a good fit for you. You don’t even need to give a credit card.

They have plans in three categories, the ‘lite’ version, the ‘standard’ one and a ‘plus’ one. Depending on the number of subscribers you need to manage, there are different plans increases in price with the size of the list.

The plans start from $5, $20 and $45 per month for the lite, standard and plus plan respectively. In the lite version, you can only sent 10000 mails in a month. The standard and plus plans include an unlimited mail delivery. you can also have a half-yearly or yearly payment which will give a discount. In case you are a non-profit then you are eligible for additional discount.


  • On both standard and plus plans you can send emails without any limit.
  • A lot of mobile responsive customizable templates.
  • Manage your subscriber list, see who have unsubscribed or are active.
  • Analyse your click-through rates, bounce rate and the open rate.
  • Reports in the form of graphs which can be filtered based on campaigns and other attributes.
  • Create surveys and polls.
  • There are templates for giving coupons on joining a list or such actions.
  • Free stock photos.
  • Store images on their server and sent links to share.
  • Third party integrations with Facebook, Salesforce etc.
  • Mobile app for managing the tool remotely.
  • Multiple users can join an account which can be useful for company accounts.
  • For learning more about the marketing and the tool they have webinars and even in person seminar.
  • Set autoresponders to sent mail automatically during birthdays or seasons etc.
  • More features on their page.

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Vertical Response

Vertical response free email marketing tool

Vertical Response was started its operation in 2001 and is on and is one of the leading email marketing tools. Currently, they are under Deluxe Corporation which itself has a more than 100 years of presence. The tool is used by more than a hundred thousand customers and has received 100s of awards for its excellence.

They have a great blog which has everything from infographics, ebooks, guides, videos, webinars, not only on how to make perfect email marketing campaigns but also on general marketing and related topics. You can check it out here.

This is the seldom tools which have a free plan. You can use it to manage 300 subscribers and sent up to 4000 emails per month. When you are just starting a website this can be really helpful. When you get more subscribers you can change to the new one.

They have 3 paid plans. The minimum prices are $11, $16 and $196 per month for the basic, pro and pro+ plans respectively. And based on the number of subscribers you want to manage the prices will increase on these plans.

You will get a discount on annual and semi-annual plans.

Also, if you are a non-profit program, you are eligible for 10000 email credits or a 15% discount on monthly plans.

  • A free plan is available for up to 300 subscribers.
  • Send unlimited emails except on the free plan.
  • An easy to use email editor with pre-built blocks.
  • Mobile responsive templates.
  • Automated follow up emails to ensure more engagement.
  • Deeper analysis and insights like the click patterns, devices used to open the emails, geographical patterns etc.
  • Use A/B testing to understand what type of titles works for you.
  • A landing page creator.
  • Surveys can be created.
  • See the visual presentation on different devices and apps using the test kit.
  • Integrate with tools like Salesforce, Shopify etc.
  • Add, import and manage contacts and move them to groups.
  • Ability to create a custom template.
  • The emails can be hosted on their server and the links can be shared.

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